sharjbook project

Sharjbook App

Sharjbook is a management software on three platforms of Android, IOS and web designed and developed for users and managers. Spectacular UI and UX design in Shygun Studio has proven to be completely user friendly.

caviar empire shygun

Caviar Empire Online Shop

Custom design of Caviar Empire Website and setting up an Online shop to sell their products online in the UK and Europe.

Shopbook app by shygun

Shopbook App

Custom mobile app design for shopbook that allowed the user to search for their local businesses and services and get connected with them. Shopbook app has been published in both Android and IOS platforms in two roles of service provider and the user/client

shygun webdesign

Sea Star Agency Website

Custom web design and accounting software for Sea Star Agency servicing more than 30 vessels per year

momayez software

Momayez Total System

Momayez is a total system designed for big companies which contains: Sales, Accounting, Salary, Storage, Transport, Logistic and production modules. Companies are able to choose the appropriate modules for their needs.