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Shygun LTD established in winter 2020 as the sole subsidiary of Shaygan Tadbir software company in the UK. Based in west London, the company has started focused business in mobile app design and development for small businesses, as well as custom web design for all types of trades and brands, specialized in setting up online store.

The development team of Shygun, consist of experienced backend developers, web developers, Android and IOS developers. Enabling company to deliver custom mobile application projects on three platforms of Web application, Android Application and IOS mobile apps.

sharjbook preview

Back in 2016, the developer team of Momayez software, one of the most successful accounting total systems in the middle east founded the Shaygan Tadbir company with the primary purpose of developing online softwares based on the web platform. Online sales and trading software, online accounting and logistics were the most successful products in the portfolio of the company.

Soon it was decided to expand the business, mobile app developments should be added to company’s activities. Thus, a new mobile app department was founded within the company to start the development based on the knowledge and experience of the team.

Sharjbook was the first mobile app developed by the company. Available on three platforms of Web, Android and IOS, the software was released to the public in July 2018. The download rate was more than initially planned, Hence, updates started to develop afterwards to satisfy the needs of the market and clients.

After 18 months, the expertise of the team and constant upgrading of the software, both in front end and backend, resulted in the perfect online software backed by extraordinary CRM mobile app for the admin users.

Successful release of the mobile app encouraged the board of directory to expand the business overseas. Therefore a new branch in London was registered in March 2020 named Shygun LTD.

The main activity of the new company in the UK is mobile app development for small businesses within the UK. Shygun is confident that the great experience of the development team and the management will result in successful experience in the UK. Moreover, custom web design for business and trade is the secondary activity of the branch. The development team and the graphic designers will deliver the orders in highest possible quality optimization to the clients in extend of valued portfolio of the company in web design and custom app development